Milk Gloss

Crisp gloss white with a hint of cream. Light peppering may occur. Crazing may occur over time.

Min-movement-icon-1  Minimal glaze movement.

  Moderate color range.


Glaze Code: MIL

Our tiles are truly individual pieces of art with high range and movement.
Glaze variation is a significant part of creating a gorgeous finished installation. Expect to see ANY or ALL of the range in an order. Full range isn’t guaranteed, but our goal is to get you as much variation as possible. Always obtain current samples before placing your order.

Each glaze is mixed by hand. Natural variations in the earth give glazes artful variations.

Each glaze is hand applied using skilled techniques. Every tile is made to order for your installation.

Variation from piece to piece: Smaller ones vary from light to dark, medium and larger ones display a full range through hand-applied glaze, and carved pieces featuring pooling in deeper areas and a lighter application on high points, ensuring unique variations across the field.


Baths + Showers
Low Traffic Floors
Pools + Spas



Milk gloss shown here on 2×4 field.

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