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All products are made to order, and our lead times reflect this.

Typically, we assign target ship dates 3 to 5 weeks out, though large orders may require more time to produce. Special Order product and glazes take longer to produce, and the lead time for orders that include them will be 5 to 9 weeks.  The lead time for gradient blend orders is at least 8 weeks depending on the size of the order, which is further explained in our gradient blend section below.

High demand may temporarily lengthen lead times. Call to find out our current lead times.  While 98% of our orders ship on or before the target ship date, there are no guarantees in handcrafted ceramic manufacturing.

Any changes to an order must be submitted with 24 hours of receiving the original order. All revisions and cancellations must be received in writing, and there are NO CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS after 24 hours. If an add-on order is necessary, please reference the original PO number in all paperwork. However, we discourage add-on orders due to the artisan nature of our products. Variation in glaze color between shipments must be expected. Please make sure to order enough product to finish your project, with some overage for breakage and piece preference. All orders are custom-made. Consequently, there are NO RETURNS.

Our glazes are designed to reflect our hand application, which causes them to vary from batch to batch, and from tile to tile. Glaze variation is both expected and appreciated, as it is a significant part of creating a gorgeous finished installation.


This variation is achieved in two ways:

• All glazes are hand applied by artisans.

• All glazes are made of natural materials, which may shift from batch to batch in intensity or hue (much like specialty stone).


To create the most beautiful looks, many of our colors contain multiple applications of different glazes. These layers then create a series of complex reactions that we call “the party in the kiln.” The end result is stunning, but this complexity does make it impossible for us to control certain elements or behaviors of a single color. This is why we say to expect RANGE in your order. Glaze colors may also appear lighter or darker in different sized cavities within a design. The use of natural materials in our glazes can result in a shift in the color and behavior of each glaze over time. Samples that are more than 2 years old should not be the only samples used to sell your order to your customer. Additionally, reference samples may not reflect the full range to be expected in an order. Please refer to multiple samples of a glaze, as well as our range guides before finalizing your order. For high range glazes, please consider ordering a current sample of at least 2-4 pieces.