404 Milk gloss glaze – Encore Ceramics

Milk gloss glaze

Crisp gloss white with a hint of cream.  Light peppering may occur.

Min-movement-icon-1  Minimal glaze movement.


Min-value-icon-1  Minimal color range.

This glaze is part of our Quick Ship collection when applied to our Quick Ship pieces.

G6 | MIL

Milk gloss shown here on 3×3 field with Liguria deco and Turin molding.

frost-icon-1Frost Resistant

vitreous-icon-1 Vitreous

hand-glazed-icon Hand glazed

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Milk blends beautifully with these colors:

HANDCRAFTED.  Each piece is made from scratch and  HAND GLAZED BY AMERICAN ARTISANS.



Our glazes are designed to reflect our hand application, which causes them to vary from batch to batch, and from tile to tile.

hand-icon All glazes are hand applied by artisans.

leaf-iconAll glazes are made of natural materials.