1/2×6 and 2×6 Mixed Herringbone mosaic

Encore tile is handmade in Oregon, USA.

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Available Glazes
Offered in Gloss (G), Matte (M), Crackle (C), Sheer (S), Precocious (P), Jewel (J), Quartz (Q) and Alloy (A).  View these palettes by hue. 
Dimensional pieces are offered in Gloss (G), Matte (M), Crackle (C), and Sheer (S).  View these palettes by hue.
Stone 1/2×6 pieces ONLY are offered in the these options.

approximately 9 1/2″ x 15″


1/2×6 and 2×6 Mixed Herringbone mosaic shown in Ash, Milk, and Zephyr gloss glazes with Alabaster sheer and Carrara marble.


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