Feather mosaic

Feather mosaic can be perfectly customized to fit your space in up to 8 colors of your choice blended randomly, or in 5 colors of your choice blended in one of our two ombre glaze placement options, or in a gradient blend of up to 12 colors.  It is available in these palettes:

Flat: (G, M, C, P, S)   Jewel: (J, Q)   Stone

Feather is ordered by the square foot.

It is assembled into sheets approximately 14″ tall by 11 1/2″ wide (1.12 square feet per sheet).

Feather mosaic pairs with the Feather mosaic border, and with Feather Edge finishing pieces.

Feather mosaic shown in Milk gloss, Alabaster sheer, Platinum sheer, Quail gloss, and Partridge gloss in the large ombre blend.

frost-icon-1Frost Resistant

vitreous-icon-1 Vitreous

hand-glazed-icon Hand glazed

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